Friday, April 12, 2019

Italian National TV Telecolor interview on Regenerative Organic Agriculture outreach

Last month I was interviewed by Telecolor, a national TV in Italy on my global outreach in Regenerative Organic Agriculture.

Regenerative organic agriculture is all about mimicking nature and understanding the complex functioning of nature that are happening every moment. Its about observing nature and learn from every other species around us how they all are striving for the wellbeing fn the environment and their habitats. Human  beings are the only species on earth who pollutes its own food. Regenerative organic agriculture is a process of regenerating the life through life supporting systems. How we improve the health of soils, enhance the biodiversity  of live forms above and below soil, enhance the nutrient density of crops, produce all the inputs on farm by using the locally available resources. Its about freedom from the dependency on external inputs in farming, empowerment of every producer. Ancient civilizations have realized that life begets life, the synthetic chemicals cannot support life.

In addition to understanding different techniques in regenerative organic agriculture techniques there is a need to realize the intelligence in creation. Science and spirituality needs to join hands for the success of regenerative organic farming systems.

Gaia, Telecolor TV Interview

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