Sunday, January 25, 2015

Course on Composting and Biodynamic Agriculture

Date: March 30 to April 23, 2015
Venue: Fairfield, Iowa, US

Biodynamic agriculture is an advanced state of organic agriculture. Every farm is treated as a “living organism” where all farm activities are self-supporting, interrelated and influence each other. Biodynamics is unique in its practices that include following the lunar rhythms  to guide planting and cultivation, using herbal preparations for enhancing the composting  process, spraying  specially aged manure and silica solutions on soil  and plants to aid the growth and development of plants.

Biodynamic farms are characterized by self-sufficiency and biological diversity where crops and livestock are integrated; nutrients are recycled to nurture the health of the soil, crops, animals, and the farmers. Scientific research in the past 2 decades has proved biodynamic agriculture as one of the efficient methods for carbon sequestration and address climate change.

Through the practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM),  a student  can establish a deeper understanding and appreciation of biodynamic agriculture and the nature’s unbound intelligence, the unified field of all the laws of nature. 

Objective of the course
To understand the principles and practice of biodynamic agriculture techniques, gain farming skills and deep understanding of the relationship of earth, life and human beings from a scientific and eco-spiritual perspective.

Course Contents

     Modern agriculture Crisis and Climate Change
     Understanding Dr.Rudolf Steiner’s 8 lectures on Agriculture through modern science.
     Principles and Practices of Biodynamic Agriculture
     Nine Biodynamic Preparations: making and utilization
     Biodynamic Composting
     Liquid Manure, Cow Pat Pit (CPP) and other formulations
     Crop Pest and Disease Management
     Animal Husbandry and Biodynamic Agriculture
     Converting a farm to Biodynamic
     Biodynamic Certification Procedures

“Biodynamics is all about  respecting nature, rebuilding healthy soil, growing healthier food, and building a conscious community of people ,”

Whether you are a student, farmer, amateur gardeners, activists, organic food and agriculture based organizations, if you want to learn about Biodynamics this course is for  You.